CSAN, your digital assets escrow account is our securing dedicated service

CSAN for Custody On Digital Assets allows you to secure your tokens, with the assistance of a public Officer if needed and/or to make them safely entering in daily transactions.

Once they’re secure, they can work for you.

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Secure swap

CSAN account locks funds to secure transaction between 2 or more parties


IPO, ICO, STO, DAICO, we help you to secure your fundraising

Share & succession

We can distribute your property equally between the different heirs

Legal conservation

We provide you the tool to secure your digital assets

Guarantee & collateral

Use your digital assets as a guarantee for a loan, a location, etc.

Dispute resolution

We provide you a safe and fast way to solve your digital assets litigation

Our vision

Create a bridge between two worlds.

We aim to bring closer together blockchain and the traditional world. We are well aware that it is by bringing guarantees of use to new users and allowing them to carry out standard transactions that the blockchain ecosystem will thrive.

We believe that insecurity and scams are a real obstacle to the mass adoption of these technologies. However, in certain field, they provide guarantees of higher quality.

CSAN aims to bridge two types of guarantees : those intrinsic to the technological environment and those of the law.

While on deposit, some digital assets may produce interest. Our secure multisign wallets are compliant with the most common market opportunities.

Make your digital assets work for you!