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Smart-contracts & governance duty

Smart-contracts evolve over time

Your digital assets are created and managed through smart-contracts. Even if the blockchain is by nature a transparent, decentralized and immutable ledger, it’s important to keep in mind that smart-contracts can evolve: updates, rule changes, new features… This maintenance job is the sole responsibility of the one who deployed the smart-contract. This means that there is a single, centralized point of control in an environment which should be quite the opposite.

Governance guidelines for the management of smart-contracts

Aware of this reality, we implement with you an environment for a collaborative, decentralized management of your digital assets, starting from their origin, their creation and thus from the smart-contract which originated them. This way of doing things has never been suggested until now. However, it stems from a very impacting reality.

Think decentralized, think DAO

Embrace blockchain technology, smart-contracts and digital assets to create autonomous, transparent, automated, intermediary-free, secure projects and organizations.