Our philosophy for the management of your digital assets

From the creation to the securing and staking of your digital assets, we can provide you with technical, legal, economic and governance support


Based on your project, we design the digital asset that meets your needs. Legal, economic and technical aspects are considered.


A digital asset is made to be shared. It should be able to be adapted and to evolve over time, while respecting clear rules of governance.

D.A. securing

To secure your digital assets, we have a dedicated application, CSAN, involving trusted third parties.

Once your assets are secured, we can make it work for you.

Security first!

From our blockchain solutions to our applications as well as in the cloud, we are very careful to observe strict security rules with the aim of protecting sensitive data. Our infrastructures are secured by multi-level access conditions and are continuously monitored. Any account with a security weakness is identified, notified and can be temporarily blocked if necessary.