For several months now, there has been an increase in the number of thefts involving digital assets, some of which were quite high and had severe consequences. In most cases, they are not due to technical problems coming from the blockchain infrastructure and/or smart-contracts. Usually, hacker groups take advantage of the token holders’ credulity, of their lack of environment knowledge, of the baseline rules that must absolutely be respected (and are not…) or of some weaknesses that can be exploited in single signature wallets. However, as time passes by, digital assets are offering more and more attractive opportunities. Why should we miss out on this?

Thanks to CSAN today and logion tomorrow, in partnership with our Public Officers, we can provide you with a service that allows you to both secure your digital assets, from a technical and legal point of view, but also to use these assets in everyday transactions. By securing your digital assets with us, you avoid malicious campaigns, as well as some technical problems related to the use of single signature wallets or exchange wallets. Think about it!

To illustrate the reality of this risk, you can read about a recent well-prepared digital asset hijacking operation below.


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